Nord Line uPVC outward-opening windows 
for Scandinavian market

Unlike European-style windows, the old architectural tradition in Scandinavian homes used outward-opening windows. Scandinavian-style windows are made using an Nord Line. This uPVC profile system specially designed windows for regions with strong winds, frequent storms. 
Nord Line 5-chamber with seal system and with 120 mm installation depth. These are basically windows traditionally used in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish homes, which let in more light compared to traditional European uPVC systems.

Technical details

  • Uf thermal transfer coefficient value for the standard frame-sash combination: 1.3 W/m²K
  • backstop gasket system with two sealing levels
  • glazing thickness up to 41 mm
  • tested burglar resistance class RC2
  • concealed drainage is possible
  • 5-chamber system as a standard combination

Very beautiful color finish, including white window decoration and texture!

Window opening types